Watts Websites Terms Of Service

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How exactly does each hosting plan work? What do we give you, and what do we need from you? Here are all the details of what will happen when you work with Watts Websites.


Since nobody likes reading the terms of service, here’s the quick (unofficial) version:

New Websites: If you’re getting a brand-new website, pricing can vary widely depending on your project. You will pay 50% upfront and 50% when the project is completed to your liking.

Hosting: When you host your website here, you will generally start paying $99.99/month, but some customers may be given discounts. We’ll also host your domain for free! When you start hosting, you will be locked in at that price, and the hosting cost will never increase.

Updates & Maintenance: The websites we host have the software kept up-to-date for free. If you want any content changed on your website, you will get one hour’s worth of work done for free per month. After the first hour, you will be billed at $60/hour.

Emails: If you didn’t know, we can give you a custom email address at your domain! It costs an additional $2/month per inbox.

The Details

In case you want all the details of our services, here they are:

New Websites

If you buy a brand-new website from Watts Websites, there is no exact mathematical way to determine the cost of the project. First, we get details from you including the purpose of the website, how many pages you want, and what features will be included. Based on this, we make a rough estimate of how long the project will take to complete, multiply that by an hourly wage (about $40 per hour), and then quote you that price for the whole project. You must pay 50% upfront; then we will build your whole website. When you are satisfied and ready to launch it, you’ll pay the other 50% before launch. As long as your final website stays within the scope of the project originally described, you will not be charged extra. However, if you add to your project idea while we are building it, we may give you a new quote with extra costs that will be added to the final payment before launch.

If you cancel the project while it is under construction, you may get a refund or partial refund at the discretion of the Watts Websites web designer, but we do not guarantee that you will get any money back. However, you will not have to pay the final 50%.


When you build a new website with Watts Websites, you will start hosting your website with us by default, but you can also transfer in existing websites for us to host. This means that we take care of keeping your website online so that everyone can see it. Your website will be hosted on a premium server in the United States managed by the company Cloudways. There are no limits on how many views your website can have or the bandwidth used. There are no limits on the amount of storage your website takes up except that all content stored on your website must be there for the sole purpose of supporting your website (e.g. you can’t just use your website as a cloud storage for all your random files).

Hosting a website will generally cost $99.99 per month. This may be higher if you have a more complicated website, or it may be lower if you have a discount or started hosting in the past when it was cheaper. The hosting cost will be agreed upon when you start your project. Once you start hosting with Watts Websites, you will be locked in at that price for as long as you continually host the website. New websites from existing customers are not guaranteed to have the same hosting fees.

If you host your website with us, we will also maintain and pay for your domain as long as it costs less than $20 per year. If you want, we may maintain and pay for multiple domains, at our discretion.

You may cancel your hosting at any time; see Termination of Service below for details.

Payment Methods

Any payment that we charge you will be sent as an invoice to your primary email address. In this email, you will be given a link to pay your bill online. You can pay your bill with a credit/debit card or Cash App. You may also be able to use Apple Pay or Google Pay on certain eligible devices. You may change your future payment methods at any time; just contact us to update your default payment method. Bank transfers/EFTs are not permitted for any payment.

If you pay with a credit/debit card, we may save your card’s information. You can request that all future payments be made automatically, and we will bill your payment method automatically each time you have a new invoice.

Website Transfers

If you’d like to transfer an existing website to Watts Websites, we can host it for you under the above terms. There may be a one-time transfer fee depending on how much work it takes to import your website. Some WordPress-hosted websites can be transferred automatically and may not have any fee, but most websites hosted away from WordPress will have to be rebuilt by hand and may have a transfer fee paid upfront.

If you built your website with Watts Websites or currently host it with us but want to transfer it to another host, you are welcome to do so, as long as you have made all your payments. We will even help you with this transfer for free as long as it doesn’t take an excessive amount of work, at our discretion. Please keep in mind that Watts Websites provides multiple complementary software licenses to each website we host, including a subscription to Elementor Pro as a website builder, The Noun Project for icons and images, and Namecheap for hosting your domain. If you transfer your website away, you will be responsible for purchasing your own license for these services; otherwise, any content on your website that uses these services will be deleted upon transfer.

Updates & Maintenance

If you host your website with us, it and all its software will always be kept up-to-date for free. If you want any content changed on your website, you can always contact us by email, call, or text to update it. We will provide one hour of free content updates per month for your website. If we work on your website more than that at your request, it will be billed to your next invoice at $60 per hour. The customer will be informed of the cost when we start doing business, and we will assume that you are prepared to pay a higher bill when you request extra work in a month. If you are curious about your bill, we will provide a detailed log of our work on your website upon request.

Website Access

When your website is hosted with us, you are allowed full access to do whatever you want with it. Most customers let us manage everything, but some customers edit their websites and add their own content. There is never any charge for a customer to edit their website themself. Upon request, you will be given an administrative account to the back end of your WordPress website. We can also provide basic instructions on how to use the WordPress interface, at our discretion. If you know what you’re doing, you are welcome to do anything (legal) with your website.

Email Hosting

If you already host a website with Watts Websites, you are also eligible to host email inboxes with us. These email addresses will use your custom domain (e.g. somebody@wattswebsites.com). For every different inbox you use or own in a month, you will be billed $2 per inbox on your next monthly invoice. We may give bulk discounts to any customer with 20 or more inboxes. You can also have free forwarders, which forward emails from an address at your domain to another external email inbox. These services will be completely managed by Watts Websites, including adding and deleting inboxes (with your permission, of course).

When new inboxes are created, each one will be given 512 Megabytes of storage by default. You may request more storage for an inbox if it gets close to full, and we will increase it to a maximum of 5 Gigabytes for free.

You will be able to log in to your email at a custom subdomain from your main domain. You can then use the provided interface (Roundcube software) to send and receive emails with many features and options. We can also help you integrate your email address into your personal email account so that you can send and receive emails from another inbox; however, we do not guarantee that this will always work.


When you are building a new website or hosting one with Watts Websites, you can always contact us by email, text, or call. Email is preferred by us, but you may choose any method to contact us with new content, concerns, questions, or information. When you first sign up with any of our services, we will take your name, email, and phone number. The email address you provide at first will be considered your primary method of communication, and all receipts and important information will be sent there. You can change your primary email address by letting us know with any form of communication.

If you live near Casper, Wyoming, where our business is based, you also have the option of meeting with a web designer in person to work on your website or any of our services, at our discretion. Just contact us to try to set up a meeting!


Any payment made to Watts Websites is final. In cases where we deem it necessary or appropriate to send you a refund, we may do so, at our discretion. However, if we accept a payment from you and then decide we cannot complete the project for any reason, we will offer a full refund, and the project will be terminated.

Copyrights & Ownership

If you host your website with Watts Websites, you own your whole website. This means that you are the sole copyright owner of any original content on your website, and you do anything you want with this content.

By building or hosting a website with us, you guarantee that you have legal rights to all elements of text, photographs, and anything else that you provide us with, and you will not hold Watts Websites responsible for any third-party claims. We also guarantee that we have legal rights to all elements related to the services we are providing and will not hold the customer responsible for any third-party claims.

Termination of Service

When we are building a new website for you and you cancel the project midway through, we will not refund the downpayment for the project (see New Websites above). You may cancel any service with us at any time, as long as all your due payments have been made. Note that if you delete an email inbox, you will still be charged for it on the next invoice but not after that.

Invoices charged to you for any reason will generally be due within 14 days of being created. If you pay manually, an email will be sent to your primary email address with the invoice. You can also request to make automatic payments, and your default payment method will charged as soon as the invoice is created. Once your payment is complete, a receipt will be sent to your primary email address. If you fail to complete the payment before the due date, you will be contacted at least once regarding your situation. If you fail to either pay your invoice or make a reasonable attempt to pay your invoice within 7 days of being contacted, Watts Websites reserves the right to take your website offline immediately. In this case, if normal payments later resume, your website will immediately be published to the internet again.

These terms of service were updated on 1/8/23.